The mission of PFPA is to promote the interests of the forest products industry within Pennsylvania by creating a regulatory environment in the state that enhances the profitability of the entire forest product industry; creating within the general public knowledge and appreciation for the value of the forest products industry and its contributions to forest sustainability; and informing industry members about legislative and regulatory issues, technical matters and activities within the industry.

Group of member on the stairs of the of the Pennsylvania State Capital

Mutual Benefits to All:

PFPA members get updates on important legislative and regulatory matters from the weekly The Ticker, the PFPA Annual Meeting, the annual PFPA Legislative Event, regional meetings and special events.

Benefits to Primary Processors - Sawmills and Loggers:

PFPA's lobbying activities focused on issues impacting your company's bottom line:

Benefits to Secondary Processors

Producers of cabinets, components, pallets, paper and biomass energy products: Our efforts to maintain reliable and affordable access to forest resources on both private and public lands has the direct benefit of keeping your lumber material costs low, allowing you to compete and remain profitable in today's global market.

Benefits to Industry Suppliers:

PFPA provides you with many opportunities to network with prospective customers, enabling you to contact businesses that are likely to purchase your product or service.




Executive Director
Bob Long PFPA, Membership Coordinator



Membership Coordinator
Michelle McManus, Business Manager



Business Manager



Administrative & Communications Coordinator

Board of Directors

Beryl Beagle
Shawn Blochberger
Duval Denlinger
Duval Denlinger
Brant Forcey, Forcey Lumber Company
Brant Forcey
Vice Chairman
Scott Hurst, Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc
Scott Hurst
Secretary / Treasurer
Chairman Nick Ince of Walker Lumber, Inc
Nick Ince
Immediate Past Chair
Vice President Ken Kane, Generations Forestry, Inc
Ken Kane
King's Sawmill Logo
Aquilla King
Larry Labowski, AgChoice Farm Credit
Larry Labowski
Wes Miller