Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

The Forest Products Industry's Political Voice in Pennsylvania

TimberPAC is the political action committee for the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association. TimberPAC makes contributions to political campaigns of state legislators and legislative candidates that support Pennsylvania's forest products industry.

The Pennsylvania Forest Products Association (PFPA) is Pennsylvania's only organization that focuses on state government issues and activities that impact all sectors of the forest products industry. TimberPAC is one of the tools utilized by PFPA to increase awareness of the forest products industry and advance its legislative agenda before members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. TimberPAC makes contributions to both Republican and Democratic state legislative candidates who support the issues of the forest products industry.

Political action committees such as TimberPAC are a legal and ethical way for companies and other groups to participate in the American political process. Contributions from TimberPAC are used by candidates to help cover the expense of running for state legislative office - these costs include items such as lawn signs, flyers, and radio ads.

While there is a benefit for individuals to make campaign contributions to their local legislator, participation in TimberPAC is the best way to maximize the voice of the forest products industry:
  • Local legislators and candidates won't always recognize you as a representative of your company, nor recognize why you are making a contributions to their campaign - they may think you are supporting them because of party affiliation, old friendships or the shared views on any number of issues. Conversely, a contribution from TimberPAC is recognized as a contribution based upon the support for issues important to the forest products industry.

  • Legislative party leaders, committee chairmen and other influential legislators often represent areas of the state where there is not a concentration of PFPA members. These legislators are the ones who decide what the legislative agenda will be and their support is critical to protect and promote the interests of our industry. TimberPAC makes it easier to support these key legislators and other legislative allies from all parts of Pennsylvania.

  • Participation in TimberPAC allows our industry to pool its resources, allowing our industry to have a greater impact on important and competitive legislative races across the state. This includes helping to defeat those candidates that oppose our industry. By pooling resources, TimberPAC enhances our industry's standing with legislators and candidates.

TimberPAC is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State. State law prohibits TimberPAC from accepting cash or corporate contributions - Personal check only. Contributions to TimberPAC are not tax deductible. For more information about TimberPAC, contact PFPA.

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