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Sustaining Penn's Woods
Did you know that 17 million acres, or nearly 60%, of Pennsylvania is forest land, primarily hardwood forests?
PA-specific curriculum

"Sustaining Penn's Woods - A Sound Use of the Land" is a Pennsylvania-specific curriculum designed to improve knowledge of forests and land use. It talks about environmental issues, the wood products industry, harvesting and other related topics.

While the curriculum was designed for educators, it offers a wealth of information for people of all ages and in all walks of life, who may be interested in knowing more about forest issues.

NEW! Streaming video - Take a look at the latest video that provides a brief overview of Pennsylvania forest issues.

This site contains lots of interesting information in six fact sheets drawn from the curriculum. Check out "Curriculum Overview" on the bar above.

"Project Background" gives you the background on the curriculum box and let's you see what's inside.
The full curriculum box is available in 700 state-related libraries.

After exploring this site, you may want to download the online curriculum for use in your classroom. The online version is a full version of the written section of the curriculum kit.

This is the information about Pennsylvania forests for which you have been asking. It is designed to help you meet the state's environment and ecology educational standards, which were adopted in 2001.

If you would like to obtain a hardcopy version of the full curriculum kit, go to "Get More Info."

"Sustaining Penn's Woods - A Sound Use of the Land" is distributed by the Pennsylvania-Department of Education, Bureau of Curriculum & Academic Programs.

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