PFPA Membership

The Benefits of Logger Membership In The Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

We need you to help the only organization that looks out for the economic and political needs of every sector of our industry in Pennsylvania. We vigilantly guard against those who would endeavor to stop timber harvesting, control land use in Pennsylvania, reduce or eliminate property rights, and increase governmental regulation on all segments of the industry.

The Pennsylvania Forest Products Association (PFPA) is ready and willing to assist you. We have recently achieved these successes on your behalf:
  • Our association amended major legislation rewriting the Municipalities Planning Code to clarify and strengthen the existing "right to practice forestry."
  • PFPA has successfully defeated a variety of proposals such as the mandatory licensing and regulation of forester and forestry practices in the state.
  • PFPA successfully negotiated with DEP to modify General Permit 7 (Permanent Road Crossings) and General Permit 8 (Temporary Road Crossings), which enable our industry to cross wetlands and streams without an extensive permitting process.
  • PFPA hosted a series of meetings between industry and DCNR's Bureau of Forestry to identify and implement improvements to the design, contract and implementation of State Forest timber sales.
  • We recently won enactment of a law that makes it illegal for townships to ban logging plus obtained passage of a law that sets strict rules for how municipalities can post and bond both roads and bridges.
  • PennDOT agreed to provide annual hauling permits to transport oversized forestry equipment, saving the time and expense of obtaining daily permits.
  • PFPA supported the ACRE law, which provides a streamlined process for legal disputes between forest product businesses and townships over the legality of local ordinances.
Consider these additional reasons for joining PFPA:
  • Thirty-nine logging operations are currently members of PFPA.
  • PFPA closely monitors developments concerning workers' compensation issues.
  • The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), an organization providing logger certification and continuing education credits, is affiliated with PFPA.
  • PFPA continues to monitor DCNR's planning and land management policies.
  • PFPA membership provides you with an opportunity to network with peers from all sectors of the forest products industry. One of these multiple opportunities is the biennial Timber Show hosted by PFPA, highlighting equipment and technology in the forest products industry. Timber 2007 will be held at the Ag Progress Grounds near State College.