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Why Your Company Needs to Join
The Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

The mission of PFPA is to promote the interests of the forest products industry within Pennsylvania by creating a regulatory environment in the state that enhances the profitability of the entire forest product industry; creating within the general public knowledge and appreciation for the value of the forest products industry and its contributions to forest sustainability; and informing industry members about legislative and regulatory issues, technical matters and activities within the industry.

Benefits to Primary Processors — sawmills and loggers:

  • PFPA's lobbying activities focus on issues impacting your company's bottom line:
    • We identified and alerted members on the proposed actions of the Pennsylvania Game Commission to protect bats species by imposing significant restrictions on timber harvesting. As a result of PFPA's actions, the Game Commission delayed consideration of this proposal.
    • PFPA is taking the lead on opposing legislation mandating the licensing of foresters and regulation of forestry in Pennsylvania.
  • We have a track record of success. PFPA's advocacy resulted in a solution to the problems faced by forest product haulers that found themselves co-bonding posted state routes with Marcellus operations. A provision in Act 13-2012 required PennDOT to issue Letters of Local Determination to haulers associated with forest products and "at risk" industries operating on posted state routes that are bonded by the Marcellus industry. This Letter will exempt the hauler from the bonding and excess maintenance requirements of Chapter 189, so long as the route is bonded by the Marcellus industry.
  • We are working daily to ensure that you have affordable access to timber on both public and private lands.
  • We represent the industry on more than a dozen formal committees and advisory groups, and are the "go to" resource for policymakers on a wide variety of policy and regulatory issues.
  • As the administrative host of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's State Implementation Committee, we're taking a leadership role to support sustainable harvesting practices and logger safety.
  • Our association's members represent a majority of the hardwood production capacity in Pennsylvania.
  • We are the publisher of the subscription publication, The Pennsylvania Marketing Bulletin, a recognized industry resource since 1948.

Benefits to Secondary Processors — Producers of cabinets, components, pallets, paper and biomass energy products:

  • Our efforts to maintain reliable and affordable access to forest resources on both private and public lands has the direct benefit of keeping your lumber material costs low, allowing you to compete and remain profitable in toady's global market.
  • PFPA has worked to oppose additional regulation, taxes and fees on all types of wood manufacturing. We continue to oppose state-mandated licensing of interior designers.
  • We work with Commonwealth agencies and Penn State to undertake critical research and technical assistance opportunities with benefits to secondary processors in Pennsylvania.
  • PFPA is working to promote the expanded use of Pennsylvania finished wood products in state owned and financed building projects.
  • We help put you in touch with suppliers through our association events.

Benefits to Industry Suppliers:

  • You can contact businesses that have the means to purchase your product or service.
  • PFPA provides you with multiple opportunities to network with prospective customers.
  • Your participation is an investment in the long-term economic sustainability of your customer base.
  • You will get market exposure through PFPA's Annual Membership Directory and Buyer's Guide, PFPA's website, and participation in the monthly Pennsylvania Marketing Bulletin.

Mutual Benefits to All:

  • PFPA members get updates on important legislative and regulatory matters from the weekly publication, The Ticker, the PFPA Annual Meeting, the annual PFPA Legislative Event, regional meetings and special events.
  • PFPA is working to educate the public about our industry and its important role in Pennsylvania's economy. Our efforts include the PFPA website, sponsorship of Log A Load for Kids events, and the production of public outreach and education materials.
  • PFPA partners with the PA Department of Agriculture on the Pennsylvania WoodMobile, which in 2012 celebrated its 10th Anniversary of providing students and the public with educational outreach on the state's forest resource and the forest products industry. Since its inception, the WoodMobile has hosted more than 1.1 million patrons and delivered educational programming to over 100,000 students and teachers.

***These Activities Occur Only Through the Financial Support of PFPA Members***

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