Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

Highlights of 2020 PFPA Activities

  • PFPA provided members with relevant, up-to-date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including technical updates regarding shutdown waivers, unemployment compensation and PUA, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and other timely assistance in navigating the rapidly changing situation.
  • PFPA supported the 2020-21 State Budget completed by the Legislature in November amidst the pandemic, which included full funding for the Hardwood Development Council, maintaining this line item at $477,000 and ensuring continued operations for the Hardwood Utilization Groups (HUGs).
  • PFPA secured clarification and guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regarding inappropriate municipal Erosion and Sedimentation (E&S) Plan ordinances. DEP guidance provided at PFPA’s request confirmed that municipalities may not require timber operators to submit E&S Plans to Conservation Districts for review at their own expense as a condition of permit issuance. PFPA continues to provide members with support related to protections under Pennsylvania’s Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment (ACRE) Law.
  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PFPA shifted to a virtual format for regional meetings to enable continued support to members despite the logistical hurdles facing gatherings. The virtual format enabled members to participate interactively, or to log on and review presentations at their convenience. Topics covered included the protections provided by Pennsylvania’s ACRE Law, a review of E&S Plan revisions and Chapter 102 Regulations, and the risks associated with prior unrecorded purchases in timber conveyancing.
  • PFPA continued to oppose the creation of a gas severance tax, which could include additional taxation on timber harvesting.
  • PFPA continues to advocate for implementation of the recommendations contained in the Governor’s Green Ribbon Task Force on Forest Products, Conservation and Jobs, which was released in October 2016. This document included major policy recommendations on job creation, conservation and workforce development.
  • PFPA worked with the Forest Service, DCNR, and Department of Agriculture on expanding timber production on the ANF. In June 2017, legislation was passed that would enable the State of Pennsylvania to enter into a Good Neighbor Agreement with the US Forest Service regarding the Allegheny National Forest. PFPA continues to work on this in collaboration with the Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group (AHUG).
  • PFPA continues to represent the industry in Harrisburg, by serving on numerous state agency advisory committees and being very vocal on behalf of the PFPA membership.
  • PFPA raised more than $21,000 for the Log A Load for Kids program, which was distributed to the five Children’s Miracle Network hospitals in Pennsylvania.
  • The PA WoodMobile continues to serve as an ambassador for our industry, educating children and adults alike. In 2020, the WoodMobile responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by generating virtual online content to be shared with schools to support educational events. Prior to the pandemic, the WoodMobile participated in the 2020 Farm Show and provided content for the virtual Ag Progress Days. Since the program’s inception in 2002, more than 1.83 million participants have visited the PA WoodMobile, including more than 215,000 students and teachers.
  • PFPA is working with the DCNR and the Department of Agriculture to address continuing invasive pest issues, most importantly the Spotted Lanternfly. PFPA continues its efforts to secure additional federal and state funding to mitigate invasive species.
  • PFPA continues to work against proposals that would harm its members with additional regulations or taxation.